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_ECHOSEVEN release their 3rd single of 2022

Hard-Active Rock/Alt Metal band _ECHOSEVEN release their 3rd single of 2022; their 6th on Curtain Call Records/Sony

New Brunswick, Canada - 2022 saw _ECHOSEVEN release 3 singles in “year one” of their dealwith Curtain Call Records/Sony.

_ECHOSEVEN has no plans of slowing down the pace and is set to release their first single off of their EP “X-Ray In Use”entitled “Blame”.

"This song is a response to people who chose to blame others for their failures. If you have ever experienced a situation where there was a person or people that chose to hate you or defame you or go out of their way to bother or harass you - then this song is the response to those actions and people. It's a song of courage- of standing up for yourself and not feeling guilty for going after your dreams and goals." -Allon McCall ( Drummer/Songwriter _ECHOSEVEN)

The single will be serviced to US, Canadian and UK Radio outlets. “Blame” continues the band's combination of haunting melodies, meaningful lyrics, crunchy guitars and punchy drums A combination that will appeal to current fans and gain the attention of new ones.

_ECHOSEVEN is a Female Fronted Hard Rock, Alt Metal group based in New Brunswick,

Canada. _ECHOSEVEN’s sound is a blend of Rock, Metal, Folk, Grunge, Classical, K-Pop making their music riff driven and loud, with punchy drums, pop/grunge lyrics and melodic catchy hooks.

After releasing 3 singles independently, _ECHOSEVEN signed to Curtain Call Records in 2021 and have released 5 singles to date.

You can find _ECHOSEVEN on all digital platforms / socials and online at


Stefanie Roy- Lead Vocals

Marcus LeBlanc-Guitar

Justin Larracey-Guitar

Bobby Hope-Bass

Allon McCall-Drums

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