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AJ Penta, great singer-songwriter

AJ Penta Bio

Singer-songwriter AJ Penta is a country-rock musician originally from New Jersey. AJ is mostly known for his solo projects as well as playing guitar for artists like Demi Lovato, Luis Fonsi, and more. His new single Livin Free, produced by Emmy winning - platinum selling producer Ken Royster out of Nashville, Tennessee, has been placed in circulation on over one hundred radio stations worldwide.

AJ’s previous albums include East Coast Cowboy (2012), his self-titled album, AJ Penta (2016), and his previous single, Little Lady (2020).

AJ has recently appeared as a special guest and performed at live country music festivals such as AmFest, Rock N Roll Rodeo, and the “Have You Forgotten” Country Music Festival.

He is set to return the music city Nashville, Tennessee this summer to again record with platinum selling Ken Royster.

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