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Singer, solo artist, and founding member of band XYZ.

Terry Ilous moved to Hollywood from Lyon, France in 1984, and formed the metal band XYZ along with friend and bassist Pat Fontaine.XYZ released their debut self-titled album (produced by Don Dokken) in 1989 on Enigma Records.

Currently Ilous is touring with ‘Legends of Classic Rock’, featuring

Greg D’Angelo (White Lion)

Kevin Jones (Ozzy)

Jason Boylesdon (Starship, Bad Company)

Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot).

And has select shows with George Lynch, and limited “Storytellers” shows with Jack Russell, formerly of Great White.

Among his many projects, Ilous and XYZ are working on new music to be released by 2023. And he is also actively supporting his latest music projects with George Lynch, and Jack Russell!

Whether he’s touring solo, playing with XYZ, recording, writing music, or playing a charity concert; one thing is for sure, Terry Ilous is an unstoppable force in the entertainment industry with a powerful voice, and genuine love for his fans, with no plans of slowing down anytime soon!

George Lynch

Is one of the most recognizable names in the world of heavy guitar. with a career spanning more than forty years, george has recorded more than thirty albums, toured the globe many times & is one of the most recognizable endorsees of the world's finest guitars and equipt-ment. He is also the creator of the Mr. Scary guitars brand of incredible hand built guitars.

When George Lynch joined Dokken in the early 1980's, success came very quickly. as history proves, much of the band's album sales and credibility is the result of George Lynch's guitar abilities and songwriting. w

With Dokken, Lynch recorded five albums from 1983 to 1988.

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