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Doro unveils video for new single “Children of The Dawn”

German female rocker Doro has unveiled a video for her new single “Children of The Dawn” from her upcoming album Conqueress – Forever Strong and Proud, which will be released via Nuclear Blast Records on October 27, 2023.

In an interview with Christopher Carroll for Sleaze Roxx back in May 2022, Doro was asked who she was writing songs with to which she replied: “I still write with Andreas Bruhn, the ex-guitar player of Sisters of Mercy. I met him, I think, in 1986. We’ve always worked good together. Actually, the new bass player we have in Europe, we wrote a new killer song together so that’s a new friendship. It’s an anthem. It’s good! And I wrote one song with my very first producer from the ‘Hellbound’ album. We met up again and wrote a nice song together. It’s a song for the animals because I love animals. It’s called “Heavenly Creatures.” That will definitely be on the new record I’m planning on putting out next year. Next year, I have my 40th year anniversary so we want to celebrate it big!”

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