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Escape the Paradigm


Escape the Paradigm is a rock trio that draws from personal experiences to create emotionally charged music to connect with fans of rock music who want meaning to their music.

Escape the Paradigm

Was formed in late 2013 by brothers Brandon Brodzinski and Johnathan Rockwood with Donny Hoover III. The trio met after previous bands each member were in went on permanent hiatus.

Each member of ETP brings their own unique sound and musical background to the band. Having plenty of live performance and studio experience both together and previously, ETP has become a truly polished sounding band, despite only having 3 members.

The band has 1 full-length studio album (Mistaken - 2018) and has released 3 singles since the start of the pandemic (New Beginnings - 2020, RISE - 2020, Breaking Chains - 2021) with plans to release their 2nd studio album (an EP) titled “Turning Point” which is set to be released sometime early 2022.

ETP has shared the stage with several national acts such as Eva Under Fire, Gemini Syndrome, Tantric, Soil, and many more. The band also opened for All That Remains, Toothgrinder and Gears in fall 2018 on their first national tour. ETP would play several dates starting in KY and going through IL, MO, TX, NC, VA and WV during this tour.

Escape the Paradigm makes music that is meant to speak to the listener, and comfort those in need of some kind of help.

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