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Hard rock juggernaut known to the world as Benjamin Trick release "The Cowboy"

Benjamin Trick is an all original hard rock band from Milwaukee, WI establishing in 2017 when Cory Miller (Vocals/ Ex. White Blotter) and Aubi-Joe Muzzy (Guitar) joined forces to create an all original rock experience like none other. The goal was to continue the success of Milwaukee's hottest post grunge underground artist White Blotter but became something otherworldly. The duo was later joined by Marty VanBeek (Bass/Ex. White Blotter) and Zack Zweifel (Drums) creating the hard rock juggernaut known to the world as Benjamin Trick. With heavy influence from Led Zeppelin, TOOL, Morrissey and many more, the guys in Benjamin Trick took the world by storm.

Benjamin Trick found success after the release of their freshman EP "Benjamin Trick" with hits such as "Stitches" and "Never Change" giving them the opportunity to open for Saliva. This led to multiple opportunities to open for bands such as Tantric, Enuff Z'Nuff, No Resolve, and more. They returned to Cherry Pit Studios with decorated producer, Eric LaBrosse, for their sophomore release "EXIT" containing hits such as "New Tomorrow", "7 Seas" and "The Cowboy". After mastering the tracks with Joel Wanasek who's worked with Scott Stapp, Machine Head and others, this gave the guys an opportunity to be featured on The Balcony Show and earned WAMI nominations for Album of the Year and Rock Album of the Year.

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