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HAYMAKER - To Hell and Back by Curtain Call Records

HAYMAKER "To Hell and Back' official album release 6/18/2021 !

Hailing from the 704, Haymaker came to f&*% up the southeastern metal scene! Since their debut track "Revolution" following their inception in 2014; Haymaker have amassed a steady following behind their unique beer chugging brand of badassery.

Originally a four-piece consisting of Drew Delaney on Lead Guitar, Joshua Owens on Drums, Kevin Morgan on Rhythm, and the hoss himself Tyler Wright on Vocals. Honing their craft in house parties and dive bars they moved right onto putting out their second single “Bodybag” in May of 2015. Shortly thereafter Brendan Tuthill, who actually Directed "Bodybag"and all subsequent music videos, joined the Haymaker fold on bass in Early 2016. The turn of the year showed even more fervor being picked up on even larger show bills and festivals as well as an interview spread in Sound of the Underground magazine in April of 2016. Around the same time in June also came the completion of their first EP “Convictions”. But no journey is without its struggle as the latter half of the year brought the departure of forming member Kevin from rhythm guitar. Rhythm would be picked up by Brian Caldwell for a short period of time before Haymaker ultimately went on hiatus at the end of the year.

In the summer of 2018 they re-emerged on the scene as a four-piece for their first show in almost two years at The Milestone in downtown Charlotte alongside fellow Faithless FILTH! Returning for the "Title Shot" as the pinnacle of chugcore; Immediately after coming off hiatus Haymaker dropped the balls heavy single "5150" featured on their revised EP “Come and Get It” and began regularly gigging and touring again. Later that year they would pick up Mike Malone on guitar to fill back out the complete line-up that we now know and love.

Continuing into 2020 as they have evolved their sound they’ve dropped recent bangers such as the tongue in cheek 'Whiteclaw" and the anthem of the pit itself "Lannister". This is a group that never disappoints! When Haymaker hits the stage prepare yourself for a full frontal assault of audio and alcohol fueled breakdowns at every show!

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