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LILLA VENEDA - Primordial Movements - (Death/Black Metal/Industrial)

Lilla Veneda was initiated and founded in 2009 in Wrocław (Poland) by Virian. Band took the name from one of the most famous Polish romantic tragedies - Lilla Weneda written by Juliusz Slowacki. Virian said: "We were looking for the name that will be unique but also adequate the musical atmosphere. Lilla Weneda is dark tragedy immersed in the pagan period of time (pre-Polish). It reminds the best tragedies written by William Shakespeare but with the slavic background."

Today, Lower Silesian band is releasing new studio album titled "Primordial Movements". Once again band used the services of Przemysław Nowak from Impressive-Art Studio (Asgaard, Odraza, Outre). Pre-order is available at Cover artwork by Anna Sobczak.

Virian about lyrics and new album: "The core of the lyrics since the demo, then continue on the debut album is a riddle of existence. It’s a mixed of a science, philosophy and poetry. On the newest LP we try to present the latest discovers from the science and philosophical trends to explain who as humans we are, where the world comes from and where as a civilization we are going. Probably it’s not hard to understand it but to accept it. Hence we don’t want to lie to ourselves but try to be as curious and rational as possible. Of course the rule of the science is to constantly questioning what we already know to make a progress.

That is in our DNA so be sure that musically and lyrically we always be a little different but it’s a natural evolution instead of revolution but never say never…"

Check them out on YouTube and subscribe!

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