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LORDS OF SALEM "Summoned Them From Their Graves"

When an equally rough and pally end-time bunch brushes‚DEAD POP SEX ACTION‘as a musical style on its skull-embroidered Rock'n'Roll flag, it's time for a collective uproar!

"And if those passionate tattoo maniacs in their ratty rags also appear as seriously determined as the Lords of Salem—absolutely, you've got to crank it up a lot louder.

In the midst of the tasteless, desolate no-man's-land of the diluted mainstream, this charismatic four-piece bursts onto the scene. The Lords of Salem let loose a massively invigorating overdose of 80s hard rock, igniting from the amplifiers with their EP "Hell Over Salem." Electrifying songs spring to life with a beguiling dark-occult touch. Their lascivious, tongue-in-cheek songs couldn't possibly be firmer, juicier, or more compelling.

As a marketing strategy, fake and cunning fashion rockers, pseudo-rebellious leather jacket weekend warriors, and unspeakable trend-chasers, among other posers, are tearing holes in their new jeans. They like to call their style and music 'vintage,' and thereby, they rather superficially align themselves with an artificial genre zeitgeist.

However, with the four unapologetically decibel-addicted Lords of Salem, it's pure authenticity, unwavering conviction, and ultimately haunting reality! The timeless LA sound from the conspiratorial ensemble surrounding the exceptional singer Postel dances ominously entranced, yet delightfully mischievous, on a rock-solid foundation that rivets the enormously powerful formation of guitar riffs, driving straight into the bones, scorching with drumming that greedily pumps with power.

A dash of Danzig, a thick dose of Kiss, a venomous injection of Mötley Crüe, and a generous splash of Lordi refine the potent formula. The intriguing band cross-references are one thing, while the other is the profound individuality of the sharp yet atmospheric material by the Lords of Salem! Four intuitively and unerringly composed, enthusiastically performed, and enchantingly catchy tracks are being etched into your ears, which you won't soon forget."

Curtain Call Records.

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