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Molly D’Ago’s “My Sweet Burning Heart”

The Story Behind Molly D’Ago’s “My Sweet Burning Heart”

When Pepper Gomez became Facebook friends with Jason Burgess, she knew he was a fine musician, but she never expected that in 2019 he would send her a rough guitar track that she would make her absolutely fall in love. On hearing it, she immediately asked Jason if she could lay down some rough vocals on his track. He agreed and liked the work she sent back to him. All seemed to be moving forward until Pepper received the communication that Jason had cut off his finger in a work accident. At that time, the most important thing was his healing, and the track was put on the back burner.

Adding to the stress of that time, Covid hit and further slowed almost everything down.

Fast forward to the end of 2022, Pepper listened to the track again and it suddenly dawned on her that the perfect voice for the track was songbird, Molly D’Ago. So she reached out to Molly and asked her to take a listen. Molly loved the track and called friend, Hugo Ferreira, to continue the work on the song so she could then record her vocals. Hugo and Molly had worked together in the past, and the choice was an excellent one. After Molly laid down her vocals, all were in awe of the gorgeous country rock song that had been created. However, Jason Burgess had not been on social media despite continued outreach and as the original writer of “My Sweet Burning Heart”, his blessing was needed. Pepper did eventually find him and played him the completed track and he was elated.

The music video was shot and directed by Domonick Giorgianni who has been a staple of the Wake Up! Music Group video team. Perfectly reflecting the mood and theme of the song, Domonick created a highly cinematic interpretation of “My Sweet Burning Heart”, which is sure to touch anyone who listens to and watches it.

While her distinctively sounding voice

was what initially interested the Label,

make no mistakes about it, Molly D’Ago

is an impressive musician who also

plays guitar and is a songwriter-producer as well. Part of the mission at the Wake Up! Music Rocks is to support artists creating Nu Music. Molly is doing just that and has been making her mark on the industry with her prior songs which were independently released. These first releases skyrocketed to Top 40 on the Billboard secondary market charts.

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