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Mortemia - The Hour of Wrath - (Single) (The Pandemic Pandemonium Sessions) (2021) (Riff of Metal)

Gothic Titans Mortemia is a Norwegian gothic metal one-man band created by Mortem Veland (Founder of Tristania and Sirenia) in 2009. With a new musical project in mind after 11 years of being out of the recording studios, now after of his last LP Misere Mortem (2010), comes The Pandemic Pandemonium Sessions (2021), which on a monthly basis will be releasing a song with a renowned singer in the metal scene.It is worth mentioning that these songs will be available on digital platforms, where you can find two tracks released with the participation of Madeleine Liljestam, under the name The Enigmatic Sequel (2021) and Death Turns a Blind Eye feat Marcela Bovio. Now this past 23rd of July 2021, the third single, The Hour of Wrath, was released with the collaboration of Alessia Scolletti (Temperance).

Track: The Hour of Wrath Again, Veland shows his great talent for finding great voices, which allow each of his songs to stand out and shine. We know that he is responsible for the guttural voice and the music, but the incorporation of female voices is amazing, and this new single is no exception. Aggressive riffs, choir effects and piano notes that resemble arpeggios are the door to the male voice, which is strengthened by string effects that leave the way for Alessia's voice, which shows high vocal ranges and again giving a majestic chorus, like the past singles. The formula is the same that the previous ones, verse developed by Veland, pre-chorus and chorus by the female voice. Furious riffs, keyboard effects and aggressive blast beats with synthesizers, show a great level of composition, while Alessia's magnificent voice shines at all times, difficult not to add this song to your playlist; this project is really nice, showing versatility in terms of voice incorporations, it will certainly not disappoint you, maintaining at all times that gothic essence that will make fans of this genre fall in love.

Do not hesitate to support this project through bandcamp, here you will find all the information.

Tags: Mortemia - The Pandemic Pandemonium Sessions - Album *This link is only a reference to listen to the album, if you are interested in it, support the band, buying their products on the official sites.

Band: Mortemia Album: The Pandemic Pandemonium Sessions Year: 2021 Genre: Gothic Metal Country: Norway Tracklist: 1. The Enigmatic Sequel (feat. Madeleine Liljestam) 2. Death Turns a Blind Eye (feat. Marcela Bovio) 3. The Hour Wrath (feat. Alessia Scolletti) By Oscuro Proof-Reading JoseloLQ Riff of Metal help us with a donation to continue with this laudable work and continue supporting the metal bands, these short reviews are of great help to them.

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