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Motor City Rocker J. Lebang hits you with his electrifying new track ‘SHOCKWAVE’

Rising like a phoenix and rolling in like a storm, Motor City Rocker J. Lebang hits you with his electrifying new track ‘SHOCKWAVE’. Enter his dream as he is stalked by a shadowy figure in this guitar driven love anthem of heaven and hell. Shockwave features Rachel May (Broadzilla/Grinder) on Vocals, Paul Polonski (Detroit Voodoo) on Drums and John Lebang performing the lead vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards. Mixed by Mark Pastoria (Grammy Award Winning Producer) at Harmony Park studios in Detroit and engineered by Mark Papow.

Extended Bio

Releasing material since 1991, J. Lebang has shown the determination and talent to be one of the hardest working and original solo acts from the Motor City since the 70’s.

Lebang shows his confidence and smarts in every aspect of his music. Says Lebang: “…from writing, performing and producing, they told me I couldn’t and I proved them wrong. I’m an artist of versatility and determination. If those are talents, I’m bursting at the seams. This talent is easily recognizable on his many releases. From the 70’s sounding rock album “The Writ” to the Alternative psychedelic rock of “Save The Roaches”, Lebang instantly creates a feeling of accessibility, showmanship

and versatility. Vocally, people have likened Lebang’s style to that of the late Jim Morrison, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley and Ian Ashbury. Although his influences range from AC/DC, Whitesnake, Pink Floyd, The Talking Heads ,Tom Jones and

Black Sabbath Radio has not been shy to Lebang either, on heavy rotation with each one of his releases. Songs like SAVE THE ROACHES and SEPTEMBER 15TH outplayed such heavy hitters as Metallica, Guns ‘N’ Roses and Alice In Chains

on many college radio stations. This all goes to show that J. Lebang is not shy of success-in fact; it is clearly his willing destiny. J. Lebang has toured across America several times playing in cities like Seattle, Detroit, Las Vegas and Toledo.


The Writ (2004),

The Decade of Oblivion (2000),

Save The Roaches (1995),

The Future is Bliss (1993),

Things That You Dread (1993),

Sneaking Peeks (1991).


Hell Dogs (October 2018)

Amplifire (February 2015)

Love Vampire (October 2014)

War Of The Drones (January 2014)

Spooks (April 2010 from the album Save The Roaches)

September 15 th (October 2014 from the album The Writ)

(Don’t) Waste Your Time (September 2004 from the album The Writ)

Oblivion (October 2000 from The Decade Of Oblivion)

Flying Herds Of Prey (July 1995 from the album Save The Roaches)

Utopia (April 1995 from the album Save The Roaches)

Save The Roaches (January 1995 from the album Save The Roaches)

Grind (October 1993 from the Album The Future Is Bliss)

Music Potion (January 1993 from the album Things That You Dread)

March Of The Frost (October 1991 from the album Sneaking Peeks)

Jack Of Diamonds (June 1991 from the album Sneaking Peeks)

compilation CD's

Bands Together (1998) on Bear Dog Music,

Jam Rags 1999 Family Album (1999) on Jam Rag Records,

Jam Rags 1998 Family Album (1998) on Jam Rag Records.

Performed with

Lynch Mob,

Blue Oyster Cult,





Paul Ishimitsu,

Trigger Happy,

The Friendly neighborhood perverts,

Visitor III,


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