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New Single 'Eternal Love' by LORDS OF SALEM

The new single “Eternal Love” byLORDS OF SALEM is an emotional ballad that deals with the themeof love - not only in life, but also beyond death.

“Eternal Love” takes us on an emotional journey through different facets of the concept of love. The lyrics are poetic and poignant at the same time; they describe the feeling of unconditional devotion and the longing for a connection beyond this world.

This is accompanied by a musical arrangement full of passion: gentle piano sounds merge with melodic guitar playing and are carried by a sensitive voice. The song invites you to let yourself fall into its melancholic atmosphere and think about the meaning of love. It provokes thought about our relationships with one another - whether romantic or friendly - and how these connections can continue even after death. With “Eternal Love” the LORDS OF SALEM once again prove their extraordinary talent for haunting songs.

Their ability to skillfully capture deep emotions and translate them into music makes her an outstanding figure within the rock music scene. This single is an absolute must-have for all lovers of soulful ballads who would like to embark on an emotional journey. With “Eternal Love” the LORDS OF SALEM have once again proven that they are among the greats - not only in terms of their musicality, but also in terms of their ability to touch us deep in our hearts.

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