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PROMINENCE from France and their new video, 'Sail The Seas'

Prominence is a French alternative pop rock band created in 2021 by musician friends and music lovers.

The band is composed of Quentin Leroux (vocals, guitar), Maxime Garny (guitar, backing vocals), Adrien Delort (bass, backing vocals) and Anthony Mounier (drums, backing vocals, piano).

Prominence has chosen to perform all of its songs, including the recently released single and video 'Sail The Seas', in English and with influences such as Empyr, Placebo and Paramore.

The band recorded their first EP 'SAIL THE SEAS' under the supervision of Rob Carson, known for his work with Nick Didia at the legendary Studio 301 and his collaboration with Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen and Rage Against The Machine.

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