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SCARS new Album Trust No One!

SCARS were founded by Ole in 2013. The idea was to create straight forward and catchy, melodic metal. So, after recording In Constant Suffering, he needed to get a band together for live performance and further recordings. He gathered old friends and bandmates and started rehearsals right away. Ole, Morten, Cato and Torben became Scars at the end of 2014. Cato and Morten left the band in 2018, before the band's first European tour. Geir and Robin joined, and Scars went on a two-week European tour with Master, promoting a brand-new EP, Trust No One. In 2019 they started recording new music and booked two new European tours with Six Feet Under, but due to covid, the tour and album were put on hold. 2021 Scars signed a deal with WormholeDeath Records and will re-release a remastered Trust No One with 3 brand new songs, in 2022!

SCARS are: Ole Olsen - Guitar and vocal Torben Svendsen - Bass and backing vocals   Robin Larsen  - Lead guitar   Geir Olsen - Drums and backing vocals

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