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Scream, scream it's Halloween ...the monsters are out with SYTERIA...

Yorkshire based band Syteria were formed by Jackie ‘Jax’ Chambers of the legendary Girlschool. Along with Argentinian siblings Julia and Pablo Calvo, completed with Steph Dawson, Syteria began to play the main stages at major UK festivals, gigs around the world and to critical acclaim from music journalists reviewing both studio and live performances.

The Syteria sound mixes elements of modern Pop/Punk energies with the more contemporary Rock anthemic choruses, incorporating their 4 part harmonies and using the ancient Solfeggio scale of recording in 432hz instead of the standard 440hz to leave you feeling in tune with the Universe. "

Their debut album ‘Rantobot' received a nomination and was shortlisted to the final 5 at the ‘Independent Music Awards' as well as ranking highly in many on line voting polls for best band in various categories.

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