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Embark on a profound musical odyssey with Knightfall's latest masterpiece, "Farewell."

Keith Dombrowski - Knightfall

Keith is the founder of the studio project that is Knightfall. Keith is the former keyboardist for Anaria, when they were known as Evince Ethos. He co-wrote all the 2009 demos with Jessica Mercy and Todd Miller. After that incarnation of the band split, Keith took a long break from music to focus on starting his family. Now more than a decade later he has returned to finish what he started long ago.

Keith started writing again in 2019 and in the summer of 2021 met Patrick Goble and started taking production lessons with him at the Guitar Academy. After many sessions it was clear Keith and Patrick had a very similar love for the same types of music. Keith asked Patrick to join the project later that year and with that Knightfall was born.

In early 2022 Keith started searching for the right vocalist to get things kicked off and through the power of an app called Fiverr located the amazing Dee Wolf and asked if she would want to take the project on. She graciously agreed and "Waiting for You" was recorded and released in June of 2022.

2023 is here and Keith is working on completing Knightfall's debut album "Destiny Calling" Knightfall will feature many amazing guests on this album and in upcoming releases! Keith is excited to get to work with some of the amazing talent that is out there. The New Single "Farewell" features Jessica Mercy on Vocals.

Jessica Mercy - Vocals/Melody/Lyrics

Jessica Mercy (Anaria) has done vocals for two songs with us. "Starfall" and the upcoming "Farewell". She will be doing more vocals on songs still in production "Destiny Calling" and "Remember My Name". She also assisted in writing lyrics and melody for "Raise your Fist", which is going to be sung by Nitte Valo( Dreamtale, ex-Battle Beast)

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