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Unborn Generation - ...and All We Forget - Inverse Records

Release: Unborn Generation - ...and All We Forget

Format: CD/Digital

Release date: April 14th 2024

Label: Inverse Records

Genre: Grindcore / Crust

Country: Finland

Lead tracks: 01, 02, 03


Finnish grind-crust band Unborn Generation has released their 7th album titled “…and All We Forget”. It includes 10 songs of brutally frost-bound grind/crust. The lyrics describe a world long after an apocalypse; rebuilding has begun. Yet the post-apocalypse generations have learnt nothing, and remain ignorant as the sins of the fathers are repeated all over again.


The band's singer/guitarist Herkko Huttunen was responsible for the album's production (recording, mixing and mastering), excluding the drum recording, which was handled by Tuomas Kokko (Electric Fox Studios). The album is published by Inverse Records.

Unborn Generation has been blasting their dirty grindcrust since 2002. Their intense sound can be described as fight-or-flight response inducing, yet at the same time tingling the backsides of melancholics with northern melodies.


The Finnish trio consists of Herkko Huttunen (vocals/guitar), Eetu Huttunen (drums) and Arto Kettunen (bass).



01. Kivun kuilu - FI3FC2447101

02. Rattus - FI3FC2447102

03. Kruunu - FI3FC2447103

04. Puppets - FI3FC2447104

05. Burst - FI3FC2447105

06. Heritage - FI3FC2447106

07. Swamp - FI3FC2447107

08. Consunation - FI3FC2447108

09. Juuret - FI3FC2447109

10. Cycle - FI3FC2447110


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