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COATL New singleCORPORATE OVERLORDS drops on 06/02.

COATL (KÓAt•l) is an Alternative Metal Band from Los Angeles California,

cofounders Alma Perez & Israel Vega wanted to choose a band name that connected them to their Mexican Heritage, COATL means serpent in Nahuatl the ancient language of the Aztecs and Toltecs.

The Serpent was a main deity for the ancients it symbolizes Wisdom, Energy and Everlasting Evolution.

In 2006 the band released their debut Album El Despertar De La Serpiente and started touring across the United States.

The album features the single Flor De Muerto which has more than 100K views on YouTube.

In 2010 the band released their second album El Llamado Del Jaguar. In this

production the band experimented with different styles of music and collaborated with the Aztec Dancing Group Xipe Totec who used to traditional Aztec Instruments to record the album’s tittle track. The band toured in Mexico and the US in promotion of the album.

In 2018 after a three year hiatus, the band made a successful comeback by releasing three Singles; Humanidad, Karma and their first English language song Animal Liberation, and embarked on a Tour that took them across the USA, Mexico & Cuba.

2020 Inspired by personal experiences, and the turbulence and chaotic happenings that occurred during pandemic, the band returned to the studio to record SAMSKARA an EP that tells the story of what they lived, during the Covid Era, the EP was released in 2021

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